SFA Lumberjacks Sports Institute Token

SFA Lumberjacks Sports Institute Token

SFA Lumberjacks Sports Institute Token

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Product Description

The LSI token is the custom rewards token for the SFA Lumberjacks Sports Institute!  It will be used as a rewards token to be redeemed at participating vendors and to be used to purchase items and concessions at our leadership seminars.

$1 = 1 LSI token and redemption will be priced in this manner.  Once purchased, you will be sent 15 LSI tokens with your purchase.  You LSI Fan App wallet will be used to store and redeem your tokens whenever you like. No more sending cash or credit cards with your child that can be lost or mismanaged!

Need more tokens to redeem a benefit, but don’t want to wait?  Want to gift tokens to a loved one for a special occasion so they will be able to redeem them for benefits?

No need to wait!  Just buy here in a pre-designed bundle based on the value set by the LSI.  All you need to do is copy and paste your wallet address in your order form and we will send the tokens purchased to the address you provided.

From there, where they go is up to you!

We will process your order and send your purchased tokens to your specified wallet address between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.