Case Study | Boys & Girls Club – Deep East Texas

Case Study | Boys & Girls Club – Deep East Texas

In what will certainly be the beginning of a greater rollout, the Boys & Girls Club – Deep East Texas has launched their MSG Fan App complete with custom Boys & Girls Club and Rewards tokens. The Boys & Girls Club token will allow for parents to load up their children’s wallets on their smartphones and no longer need to bring cash or credit card to after school programs or camps to purchase items.

With in-app sponsor activation, participants will be able to earn Rewards tokens that will also allow for a secure method to help young people redeem rewards tokens at participating vendor locations for Boys & Girls Club approved items.

“We are excited about our program launch with MSG Fan App & Token Rewards. This opportunity will allow parents to load their children’s electronic device with digital currency for redemption within Boys & Girls Club activities, eliminating the need for cash at our Clubs. In addition, staff will  be able to incentivize academic programs with rewards and good behavior.”

Kevin Clayton, Area Director Boys & Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas

Case Study Details


  • Centralized communication tool that grows brand and allows for quick event management and check-in.
  • Needed a solution that would allow for incentivized participation from young people, and parents, along with sponsor activation.
  • Needed a mechanism to help parents send their children to after school programs and summer camps without cash and credit cards due to theft or being misplaced while at camp.


  • We leveraged the MSG Fan App that has push notifications, event check-in, light show, arcade, social media hub and other features that protects the Boys & Girls Club brand while creating a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Sponsor activation is built throughout the platform to avoid spam targeting and to be in compliance with new privacy policies in in the Apple Store.
  • We then integrated a two token wallet that would support purchased tokens, the Boys & Girls Club, and rewards tokens, Rewards, that may be used to support a cash-less platform for concessions and camp store purchases as well as incentivize participation.
  • The Boys & Girls Club token will save on processing fees and allow the Boys & Girls Club to retain 100% of their profit and front-fund expenses that are needed in preparation for programming.


We look forward to growing this program and rolling this out at additional Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.  If you are interested in learning more about how the MSG Fan app can save you money and create unique solutions to growing your brand, please reach out at